Nido-Line & Oak-Collection 2015
Somehow i feel about showing off my pitty small collection on LJ for the first time. Unfortunately, i don't have room for a bigger or bulky collection, so i own a smaller one, featuring the Nido-Line and some Professor Oak items. I got a lot of random figures, too but i'am not able to display them all together, there is no space left.
I crafted a stair display for my Nido-Line-Collection, found the shelves between dropped litter, when visiting a friend. I decided to paint it green but will perhaps change its color, since the green figures are barely visible. Of course i'am planning to get more Nido-Figures, especially the missing metal ones...

Sorry for the crappy quality of the pictures, my mobile phone sucks...


Octopus Galore
A few perhaps already know from my User Info, i'am also an Octopus-Collector, i love Octopus and Squids to death, my favorite animals, started the tiny collection with some plushes and expanded with figures during the years...Octopus merch is hard to get in Germany, rarely spotted at shops, i bought most of them online. A few are presents of beloved friends, still not done with collecting, too many squishy and eight-arm-stuff i would like to own. My biggest Octo, the blue plush popped up during a promotion of NIVEA, got him very cheap from a garage-sale.

I'am still in search for Stretch items (Amazing purple octopus Toy Story 3 Character), i don't have. So far i only got the two shown at the left in the second picture. Feel free to contact me, if you have one for sell...

But for now, let's go on with some cute pus, sorry for the bad quality of the pictures, i only have a handy cam atm.


yeez, my plushie babies, i need more room, since my flat is very small, too small to place more shelfs, i really need a good idea, if i plan to collect more plushes.


My figures and smaller plushes, the mustache-one, Gentlepus is custom made by me. I love octos and squids in unusual colors like blue or yellow, they are hard to find for me.


Pokemon Wantz
Some of my current wantz can be found here:

My feedback-link as a buyer:


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